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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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50%. working through these trade packages and gathering in put for a with the projects we have and the work we have in those projects. that being said, gathering that in put, your input is greatly appreciated on what you can do and what you would like to do. that helps us work with the contractors and the teams to help us develop the packages and create meaningful work. at the airport, it is san francisco interpret airport, and it should be all about san francisco. with the success of our terminal two project and how that worked. we are moving forward with a number of exciting projects. i want to touch on some of them. boarding area e, part of
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american airlines. they have moved into the new terminal two building, which has created an opportunity to remodel and do a seismic retrofit on an old build. it will be similar to what we did on terminal two. it is a $90 million project. we selected hensle research-phelps as a design and builder. those trade packages for that contract should probably start going out in the next 2-3 months. another problems we have going is actually a data center project. it is a smaller project, a there are 6 million project. it also will be a design build contract. it will have small mechanical pradges, concrete flat work and civil work, things that would be appropriate and targeted.
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wold like your input so we can target those packages toward you. one of the premier projects we have going on, we will be building a brand new to your at the airport. that project we will be selecting a design builder in january. we will probably be starting construction of that project mid summer of next year. it will primarily be a lot of civil concrete and structural work. it is a structure. we are learning what it takes to build one of those. as we gather that information and become more aware of the trades involved, we will communicate that back to you through out reach programs and meetings we have on projects so that you are aware of what is going on out there. once completed, it will lead to
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other projects, including demolition of the existing to your and building a connector between the hour and temperature natural to your. we are trying to establish a post security channel. that is probably a couple of years down the road. another program we are engaging in is what we call the runway safety program. that is broken into a number of packages because it is citizen, bid, billed. it has to be taken to 100% design. that is a $200 million program. it is a lot of civil work. essentially we have having to provide safety zones at the ends of all the runways. a couple of runways are having to extend. there are a couple of runways we have no more room to extend.
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we are land locked by the highway and the bay. those packages and individual contracts should start going out in the next threes months. that is where those are at. a couple of other projects that are still in conceptual phase but will be coming up in a year down the road is we have to do our industrial wait project. it is too early to talk murphy about it because we are still trying to figure out what we need to do there. with that said, terminal three, which is the board area project i spoke to you about. it attaches to terminal threer, and we are figuring out what is going to be required. it is just in the conceptual phase right now and any kind of
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work or description of that work is probably a year down the road. again, any in put we can gather from you, contact sandra or myself, and we look glad to talk to you. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am here representing the san francisco housing authority. our executive director, henry alvarez couldn't be here, but he wanted me to let you know about the number of contracts and opportunities we have at the authority for contracting. i will start with the larger projects and end with the smaller ones. we have a number of development contracts, two of which are under way for two of our public housing developments.
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one is hunter's view and the other is alex griffith. those are full scale redevelopment projects. hunter's view is in the first phase of construction at this point. that contract as well as griffith are both being managed by the redevelopment agency. so if you want contracting information and opportunity, you should look for that to come from the redevelopment agency. but those are housing authority projects, and so there is a 20% m.v.e./w.b.e. requirements project. you can contact our office to get information about them, and we can connect you to the right folks at redevelopment to make sure you are aware of the opportunities that are coming up. additionally we have
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modernization and rehab contracts for the other sites that are not going through redevelopment but have some modernization needs. you can contact our office. i don't have any flyers or anything, but you can call us at 715-3280, and we can add you to the list when we solicit companies to do some of the rehab work at our sites. we have over 50 sites in france. we have a number of activitying we do, from roofing repair, landscaping, different contracts that we have throughout the year. we publish them on our website, and we send them out to the local businesses, but we publish them in the local newspapers. so you should definitely keep an eye out for the san
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francisco public housing authority opportunities, and in some of the newspapers as well. finally we have maintenance contracts. they provide the ongoing maintenance for the 50 developments that we have. they are basically our routine business, and they are a little bit easier to get engaged with the housing authority if you are a small business. we have minority and women-owned business goals. our rules are a little pit different, but that is how we engage the local firms on those type of contracts. if you are interested, you could call us or visit our website. i want to remind everybody that in addition to our 25% goals, we have a 25% resident hiring goal. if you known anyone, you should
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encourage them to get in contact with us. on all these contracts we have a requirement that we are emplaying residents of public housing as well. thank you. [applause] >> hi. i am tim. i am with the board of san francisco. in addition to the peer -- pier 27 project. i have a flyer in the back. you can also go to our port website, www.sf we advertise it in the office of contract administration's website, as well as a number of local newspapers, too. just to give us an idea of some of the projects we have.
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our brown street wharf is a new park coming out following the demolition that the army corps of engineers is receiving bids on tomorrow. the new park will be advertised sometime in december, probably bidding in january of 2012. it is going to include concrete, paving, landscaping, signage and so forth. another project that is coming out in january is the pier 33 bulkhead. that will include an elevator, substructure work, new electrical service, a new 800 amp service. 460-volt transformer on the sidewalk. so look for that package as well. a quick project that is coming out in the beginning of the
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year, a new canopy. it is going to be a prefab indicated canopy to be installed at pier 50. that is a $400,000 project. then we also have a variety of other projects. we also have a fencing project, $1.4 million of fencing to pro void -- to provide security. if you have any questions, you can look at the port website and the trade packages. contacts and phone numbers and names are on there. [applause] >> my name is rhonda simmons from the office of work force development. i think i'm last because my office provides services to every department up here. we work with all of them on all these contracts to try to ensure folks are getting jobs.
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we administer four different policies, if you will, the most recent being the local mandatory hire. i see some folks that helped get that passed. probably the largest project that is going to have the largest hire is the cruise ship terminal, d.p.w. we learninged the first source policy, which is good faith, and a number of the projects that were already in the cue before march 25th, 2011, are still subjected to first source, which is good faith. we also work with a lot of the contracts to ensure residents are getting in on these projects and getting in the unions. the unions are a big partner. contractors are a partner. all of the agencies up here are a partner. i see a number of community-based organization that is we work with.
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w.c.b., brothers for change, hunter's point families, a number of agencies in chinatown to try to get folks ready for the jobs. the one project we didn't talk about is america's cup, which is another big event/ development project. i would say it has different phases, and and working with contractors and others to ensure folks are getting the opportunities for that, which starts actually in 2012. it is sort of the first phase of america's cup. the big event is 2013. our role will be to make sure that youth get opportunities on those projects and at the event itself. i think we have information somewhere here in the back around the various programs that we provide. outside of the construction, we
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try to help with the in-use side of these construction jobs . in addition, professional service tied, i have worked with a number of contractors to help them try to comply with professional service goals, too. so if you have any questions, i will be here along with the rest of the panelists. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am a compliance officer at the human rights commission. i will be filling in for the director as we moderate for the question and answer portion of this town hall meeting. before we start the question and answer portion, former commissioner of the southeast sector community center has an
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announcement to make. >> good afternoon and thank you very much for being here. i would like to bring to everyone's attention concerning the rumors that has been going around in this community concerning the closure of this community college as well as the plan place across the street. i call it my -- the nursery. i would like to say that yesterday there was a meeting at my home with representatives from p.u.c. as well as from the community college, and it was decided at that time that there
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will be no removal of anyone from this college at all, nor from the nursery. i would like to say that i am saying that because i am -- i am the ambassador to p.u.c., and they wanted me to make sure that you have this announcement. everything will be the same. so thank you all very much. let people know that the college is not closing and that nursery -- and i called it my nursery yesterday. at my age, i do get short of memory, and so you have to excuse me. but we still are in business. thank you very much. [applause] >> let's start our question and answers. we have a number of speakers
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that have already signed up. the first speaker is mr. marvin robinson. >> good afternoon. i would like to welcome everybody to the neighborhood. is that better? first of all, i would like to welcome supervisor cohen and the panel to the neighborhood. first of all, i think that dissemination of information is very important. if you look at the audience here, you can see that the information did not get out to the community. i found out about it by word of mouth. some folks found out about it through e-mail. but every single candidate that is running for mayor of this city is passing out flyers in the street right now. if there is a summit in the
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hunter's poith community about job opportunities, we have to do a better job of disseminating the information. secondly, i would like to see that the federal government and most of these agencies that are up here receive federal assistance from the federal government. under title vi, that means if even agency receives money, they are compliant. with the title vi french from the federal, state and count, they must given preference to the very low and low income applicants. i would like to present later on what that means in terms of the very low applicants applying for jobs in these agencies.
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also under the mechanism of twilight vi, any agency receiving these federal dollars, the entire agency has to comply to title vi. there is non-compliance here. as we move on, that means the recipients, meaning the human rights commission and all of these entities sitting at the table must give preference to the low and very low income applicants, as well as contractors. i didn't write this. i'm just reading it from the law. so if there is a contract, you must also look at the low and very low income. my position here is that we have been fooled out here in the bayview hunter's point community for 40-something years. every time a city agency or the city government wants to ramrod through the community, they come with jobs.
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there is no question we need opportunities for employment. i don't think anyone in this room would deny the fact that employment is needed. most of the jobs you are making reference to are contractual jobs or construction jobs that last four, five or six months. you cannot qualify for any of the new housing they are building in this community with a part-time job. you have to have genuine employment, show two years tax reports that you reported to the internal revenue for services. i am not saying no minorities in this neighborhood has gotten any opportunity. but preference, i didn't establish that word. the same thing with the housing. those that live on navy, the new ridge, a lot of people didn't get back to the new. so they had to move to palo
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alto, richmond and other players outside of san francisco. so we have a chance to revitalize san francisco and this area particularly, and we need to make sure that those agencies sitting at this table is in compliance with chapter 10 and article vi that gives us the opportunity to have preference and the contract on all the jobs coming forth. thank you very much. >> i have been reminded to ask that the remarks be kept to two minutes, for the person to ask a question or make a statement. the next person is diane wesley smith. >> thank you. thank you, everyone, for coming
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out to our community. i am heartbroken as a native of bayview hunter's point, i don't see a little bit of my people here who are in so much need. they are out passing out flyers because they need $25 or $30. supercohen, thank you very much for putting together this summit. i am here to echo the sentiments of mr. robinson. i am a community real estate broker, and it has been very hard. i came into realize so that my people could get employment. when i say people, those of us who grew up here. we have 4800 third street. no one can qualify to move in it because they have not had a genuine job. i have been to many of these summits. i attended the workshop. you know what? i couldn't get anything out of it. i called everybody. i couldn't get a thing. you know why? i wasn't connected.
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i don't know certain people. i say that to go on the record. we have to be fair and transparent. clicking and giving jobs to people because they know someone -- no, i don't play ball. however, i stand here as a person on behalf of others. i have my home and my business, but i'm never ok until my people are going to be ok, and that is the residents of this district. let's do this right so we don't have to stop everything and start over again. this is great,, but when it comes down to job, a lot of kids can't pass the drug test and can't do that. there has to be training, and it needs to be thought out and planned. we have the employees here, but we have to help them get ready. i am going to surrender my time to tony. >> your glassed.
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i am passionate. my people are starving to death, and they are moving out. >> mr. tony camera dash carpenter? >> i welcome everybody to our community. i am a lifetime resident. i was born in hunter's point in 1945. i think that it is important for us to understand what economic development is all about us because it develops our community. not only did it develop our community, it developed our city during the time i have lived here. the redevelopment process, i thought, when it came to hunter's point, it was to benefit the residents. but over the years i learned different. it wasn't a plan for the residents. it was a plan for the city of san francisco to upgrade, and
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modernize our neighborhood. but in the course of upgrading, they failed to give us an opportunity to upgrade economically. when i was listening to what they were saying about the housing authority, and they mentioned a preference for 25% hunter's point residents. when they were rebuilding the development area and remoleding -- remodeling, i stood up for the residents of west point. you can't divide a community along project lines. now i find that is being done. it saddens me, because what we are doing is we are being divided against one another. what hurts me is that i come from the projects. i had an opportunity to upgrade
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my economic standards. i had the opportunity to learn a trade and to start a business. but what happened was we are constantly discriminated against. we have a contracting company. it has been listed for 27 years. we worked on the new homes in hunter's point. we participated in building a new shopping >> but lately, we can't even get an opportunity in our own community. we need positive role models from hunters point. the hunters point businesses working in hunters point. our people look up to us. and they pattern themselves after -- by suppressing our opportunities, we are not visible in our own community. that is sad. [applause] i have seen african americans,
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the numbers, a decrease in san francisco. we call it gentrification. if you build something and you don't give us the opportunity to upgrade our economic standards -- i don't think it should be about hunters point. it is a part of san francisco. whatever opportunity anybody gets in san francisco, the residence of hunter's point deserves the same opportunity and that is not happening. [applause] if you wish for it to happen, you have got to be in touch with us. we are hunters point. any so-called representative that stands ouup doesn't necessarily mean they are representatives. those of us from hunters point
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recognize one another. miss espinola jackson. i grew up with her children. mr. robertson. all of our families grew up together. when they close the shipyard down, they became [unintelligible] in this neighborhood, financially, it sunk to where it is today. we have not had the opportunity for genuine employment. we have people out of work. what ever is going to take for the peoples to still live in the region for the people to still live in the projects -- what ever is going to take for the people to still live in the projects, we need to show them how to upgrade economic
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standards. how to get them to the unions, become contractors and business people. our community can only be represented by non-profit corporations. it only needs to be represented by business people that knows what the issues actually are. we have to speak to being told about something that is not going to happen without giving us anything in writing. [applause] >> [inaudible] >> mr. alonzo?


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